Harsh winds rumble through the air, whistling a sweet song of winter. They pass right through my bones. I shiver and grasp my jacket tighter. The trees. They have become barren carriers of fragile twigs. Their life stripped of them for the winter. Their leaves, scattered. Orphans. A sacrifice of nature. To compensate, the snowfall … Continue reading Winter

God, the Father

Your royal highness, I Come before you as a lowly servant and Humbly bow at your feet, my Lips will caress the ground you tread upon,  you are Lord of all that is wonderful and perfect. I Marvel at your feet of scarlet and eyes of mercy. For I recall the barbaric state from which … Continue reading God, the Father


'...So you revel in the bondage. You paint the chains and the locks. You beautify them to hide the anguish. Decorate them to hide the misery. You wrap yourself in them till you can't breathe. Till all you see is a bound existence...'

Dear Melanin

'...I know all you are is a pigment produced in the basal layer of my epidermis. But they use you to define my cognitive ability, my temperament , my financial status and my worth. It's not your fault, but I need you to not be so visible....'