22 For 22

I'm 22! Little old me, can you believe it... Even though I said this when I turned 21, I'm officially an adult! Becoming an adult it a fact of life. An inevitable phase we enter, and never leave. I have always wanted to be an adult. I wanted to do all the cool things I … Continue reading 22 For 22


Momentary writing break

The month of January not only ushers in the new year, but a quadruple whammy of exams for me. To perform at my optimum capacity in these exams, I must use my time wisely and treat it as though scarce. Therefore, I will be taking a momentary writing break until my exams are over and … Continue reading Momentary writing break

Show Off

Everybody has a gift. A talent. To different intensities and a variety of combinations. It's common for people to pack away their gifts and talents, some people you would never know they could do so and so... But to exhibit your talents is to exhibit the workmanship of God Almighty. We, as creation are an … Continue reading Show Off