Harsh winds rumble through the air, whistling a sweet song of winter. They pass right through my bones. I shiver and grasp my jacket tighter. The trees. They have become barren carriers of fragile twigs. Their life stripped of them for the winter. Their leaves, scattered. Orphans. A sacrifice of nature. To compensate, the snowfall … Continue reading Winter

Sorry, your application has been unsuccessful…

Nothing quite hurts like rejection. Nothing quite liberates like rejection.   We all have the tendency of taking rejection very personally. I am all too familiar with the art of rejection. From personal to professional. It was something that always cut (as in sliced) deep. I always considered rejection a reflection of my inadequacies. You're … Continue reading Sorry, your application has been unsuccessful…

The Monster

'Everyone here is better than you' 'Don't bother saying anything, they'll just laugh at you' 'You're insignificant'   Although inanimate, it whispered to me my shortcomings, Whispers so soft and subtle, I mistook it for me, so I accepted them. Then drifted away, far away. Into isolation... ...Into a wasteland of memories, I tripped on … Continue reading The Monster


'...So you revel in the bondage. You paint the chains and the locks. You beautify them to hide the anguish. Decorate them to hide the misery. You wrap yourself in them till you can't breathe. Till all you see is a bound existence...'