His Dual Nature

Majesty flows from his bosom, wisdom and comfort from his breath. Love and forgiveness are imprinted in his eyes.

The essence of Heaven and Earth rest in his pockets.

He is a great God, He is.

A selfless Son that sacrificed himself to die for the sins of this fallen world.

The sun relentlessly poured out upon his bare back. Arched over a wide piece of parched wood, his sweat dripped on the wood, bringing  the log to recollect its days as a sturdy, watered tree.
Forcefully grazing the anvil over the log definitely took it’s toll on his hands which had the shape of the anvil engraved in them. Releasing the tool that he wasn’t sure whether he gripped it or it  gripped him, he folded in his fingers and released continually, squeezing the air.

Dirt, grit and perspiration adorned all areas of his hands down to his fingertips. He raised his elbow to allow his arm to slide away the perspiration that resided on his forehead, he ventured a few yards into his house to get some water to re-hydrate himself.


First, a description of the Holy, royal deity that we call Jesus Christ.

Second, a description of the work of a tekton (a common term for an artisan/craftsman, in particular a carpenter or wood-worker or builder).

Could these two ever be the same person?

Of course not!

Royalty is exalted and handymen are snubbed (generalisation for purposes of the post)

Jesus was both of these.

Nothing about Jesus’ existence prior to his ministry was spectacular.

He didn’t come to exalt himself.


Jesus was a humble man. This humility was highlighted to me in Mark 6:3. In Mark 6:3, Jesus teaches a group of people from His hometown in the synagogue, and they said of him,   ‘“Where did this man get these ideas? …What is this wisdom He has been given? And how can He perform such miracles? Isn’t this the carpenter, the son of Mary and the brother of James, Joseph, Judas, and Simon?Aren’t His sisters here with us as well?” And they took offence at Him.’ 

The emphasis on his family members was to indicate his unimpressive status in society.

He could have been born into any family he so pleased. Yet he came into an average family that earned their income through manual work.

He could’ve come into a royal family and easily have influence prior to his ministry, a  family of Pharisees, Sadducee, or Scribes, so he could be seen as religiously competent, or if he REALLY wanted to, he could’ve even created a custom family, just for the sake of a grand arrival.

He could’ve come into the world, a full adult and descended from heaven with angels playing the harp and announced that he is the son of God coming to save the world.

But he didn’t.

He was born to an average family, in a dirty, animal waste infested stable, looked ordinary, and grew up to do the work his (earth) father did.


Jesus, our Lord and saviour, was insulted by men in His own town because he chose to reveal himself as one of us. He came to share our lives, our struggles and plights. He endured insults because of us.

If Jesus as the Son of God who was present when the Earth was being created can endure insults from the humans who weren’t even worthy of being in His presence, then I must look at myself and question what stops me from being humble or aiming to be as Humble as my Lord.

Did I save the world from eternal damnation? No

Was I present at the creation of the world? No

Have I overcome sin through my own power? No

Am I omniscient? No

Am I transcendent? No

So, if Jesus, who has done and is all of the above can bring himself down and make himself lowly, why can’t I?

I pray for myself and anyone else struggling with issues with pride and the inaccurate exaltation of self, that they may see the example of Jesus Christ and be convicted of this work of the flesh. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. 


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