Chained up and locked down,
It’s dark and lonely.

But there is light. Sunlight.
A taunting light that promises freedom on the other side of the far window.
But you can’t reach the window.

So you revel in the bondage.
You paint the chains and the locks
You beautify them to hide the anguish
Decorate them to hide the misery
You wrap yourself in them till you can’t breathe
Till all you see is a bound existence.


A ray of sunlight invades your vision
So you wince and turn away
Shocked by it’s power and healing warmth.

You were captured by the lure of your own satisfactions
Forced into a costume of a false self image
It’s itchy and ill-fitting.

You could’ve stayed there
Because that’s all you know
But the rays of the sun illuminate the rust and age of the chains
You squirm in disgust
The colours you’ve spent so long painting on are chipping away
Mimicking an infantile attempt at artistry

You could’ve stayed there
If the light hadn’t contrasted your dark and lifeless state to the vibrant freedom that is beyond the glass of the window.

So, will you walk to the window
Be still, and feel the strange warmth
Close your eyes and feel your soul regenerate
Look, and see the angel with the keys?

Or will you
Play with your chains
Repaint your chains
Identify as the darkness
Adopt it’s names
Be bound?


2 thoughts on “Bound

  1. landingamongststars says:

    Wow. This is such beautiful, skilful, intricate poetry that makes me feel things I can only hope my own stuff makes others feel! Such a delight to find other Christian bloggers struggling with similar things, yet winning. Keen to read more. 🙂


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