They say hearts are made of flesh
Shaded red, smothered in oxygen

A hidden lion that roars against the rib-cage
Whilst taking shelter behind the curtain of our lungs.

A powerhouse
The pacemaker

Not mine though
Mine is made of glass

Intricately moulded
It glimmers off the light from my spirit
Illuminates my insides

So if I present it to you
Don’t run with it
Don’t move too fast
Hold it with a firm hand

Or don’t take it

Because your human hands tremble and tether
Show no support

Only the sturdy hands on the Lord can uphold me

So please do not take it unless you hands are steady
‘Cos If you let me down, it will shatter to smithereens.

Fragments will fly into the abyss
You won’t find all the pieces.
You’ll lose parts of it forever.

Try all you can to put it back together
Your glue will dry to betray your carelessness

I’ve lost enough fragments
I’m forgetting how it once was
The smooth lines it once possessed are replaced by jagged edges of poor workmanship

So don’t pick it up unless you hands are steady.

Handle it with care.




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