I’m too dark for you to see beauty
but too light to have any depth

I’m too short to reach your high expectations
but tall too tall to be a woman
Femininity has height restrictions

I’m too fat to fit in your heart
but too skinny to warrant any notice
I’m not made of enough matter, to matter

In a world of Kim, Khloes and Kylies,

I will invest in my talent, not my behind
My essence makes me worthwhile not my hips
You can’t contour, highlight or bake away a bruised a heart.

So I’m rejecting the call to be a super human
I’m cancelling my subscription to perfection
The monthly cost of my self esteem is just too high.

I will flaunt my acne scars,
Cos if you connect them, they will map out my turbulent teenage years

I will welcome sprouts of body and facial hair
I will stroke my wisps of keratin
Like a woolly jumper they shield my skin from the ferocious winter cold.

If you so please, you can project your insecurities and presumptions unto me and name me


or Stuck up

or Weird

But I was made with fear and wonder,

therefore I am 



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