The Monster

‘Everyone here is better than you’
‘Don’t bother saying anything, they’ll just laugh at you’
‘You’re insignificant’


Although inanimate, it whispered to me my shortcomings,
Whispers so soft and subtle, I mistook it for me, so I accepted them.

Then drifted away, far away. Into isolation…

…Into a wasteland of memories, I tripped on scattered carcasses of dead, unused opportunities.

The rain poured vigorously upon my head, slid down my face to disguise my tears.

Tears from grieving my personality and essence.
It was always cold and raining here. It was an un-welcoming place.
But it was familiar. And safe


Don’t be fooled, although inanimate, it’s a thief,
Under the guise of a figure trapped in 2-d, it managed to steal me away from, me.


Made up of a harmless assortment of circles that overlapped and merged to form a geometric monster, it twists and turns on itself to create odd shapes instantaneously and simultaneously.

Its red, it’s green, it’s blue and everything else in between.
It shakes, vibrates and oscillates.

A physical enigma.

The embodiment of disorder.


That’s what it looks like,

I’m letting you know, so if you see it,

I hope you never,

But if you see it, tell somebody, talk to somebody,

Because it thrives in darkness, in silence

So unless you want to visit the graveyard of your laughter, vivaciousness and boldness,

Expose it,

Say it’s name.

I’ll start,
The geometric monster was my depression, the geometric monster was my anxiety, the geometric monster was my sadness.

Now, you.




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