God, the Father

Your royal highness, I

Come before you as a lowly servant and
Humbly bow at your feet, my
Lips will caress the ground you tread upon,  you are

Lord of all that is wonderful and perfect. I
Marvel at your feet of scarlet and eyes of mercy.

For I recall the barbaric state from which you rescued me, when I
Consumed sorrow for breakfast and anguish for dinner.

Creeping things that crept the earth were my companions, we
Were of one nature, a
Foul stench radiated from my members,
Ostracised me from my fellows, my
Days were numbered, a
Song of lamentations replayed over my soul, what
Good is a poor man to himself?

That was when you, Oh Lord of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob came,
To my rescue
Bestowed your grace upon me,
Lathered it upon me as that of soap and water and
Washed me clean.

You heeded to the defeated groaning of my soul, you
Gave me an inheritance, like a
New born baby, I
Ached for your comforting arms.

Grant me this, Oh Lord, that I may
Linger in your arms for the rest of my days, that
As I draw my last breath, your
Heavenly scent shall, like a
Soft lullaby, send my body to a hopeful sleep.

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