Do What Makes You Fabulous

Now, I'm the plain, bare minimum Jane. Hence, I tend to shy away from flashy, bright things. This was the case, until I discovered glitter nail polish in my collection. Please refer to my featured nail polish collection below.   P.S. New Look, if you see this, I'm ready for my sponsorship deal Applying glittery … Continue reading Do What Makes You Fabulous


The World Is Transient

We live in a fallen, transient world full of disappointments. We will face an eternal reality. The things of this world should not take precedence over the eternal things. Now this very easy to say and not surprisingly, I confess that I myself do not always see it this way. Nevertheless, it is crucial that when … Continue reading The World Is Transient

22 For 22

I'm 22! Little old me, can you believe it... Even though I said this when I turned 21, I'm officially an adult! Becoming an adult it a fact of life. An inevitable phase we enter, and never leave. I have always wanted to be an adult. I wanted to do all the cool things I … Continue reading 22 For 22


Harsh winds rumble through the air, whistling a sweet song of winter. They pass right through my bones. I shiver and grasp my jacket tighter. The trees. They have become barren carriers of fragile twigs. Their life stripped of them for the winter. Their leaves, scattered. Orphans. A sacrifice of nature. To compensate, the snowfall … Continue reading Winter

Sorry, your application has been unsuccessful…

Nothing quite hurts like rejection. Nothing quite liberates like rejection.   We all have the tendency of taking rejection very personally. I am all too familiar with the art of rejection. From personal to professional. It was something that always cut (as in sliced) deep. I always considered rejection a reflection of my inadequacies. You're … Continue reading Sorry, your application has been unsuccessful…